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Wadeed is a leading company in the field of developing financial and administrative solutions,  which aims to provide its clients with innovative solutions that enable them to manage their businesses remotely by a technical and accounting team with at least 15 years of experience with a cloud accounting system that keeps pace with the latest technologies and accounting requirements.


We want to be the approved program in the financial and administrative field for businessmen in the Arab world


Wakeed is a combination of technology and accounting that ensures that our clients manage their businesses accurately and quickly in an instant and flexible from anywhere and with any device


3.Keeping pace with technology
4.Flexibility in use
5.Ease of access

WakeedAn integrated accounting system to manage all your business

Start using Wakeed today to take your business to the highest levels of success

The subscriber gets accounting support for 5 working hours for the first subscription

Subscriber gets one year free training

Over 25 reports to help you make the right escape

The application can be used anywhere in the world

Easy to use interface with multiple features

No need to possess deep knowledge in accounting methods or planning systems Institutional resources to master the work of Wakeed.