Terms of use

Terms of use

This agreement is subject to updating at any time.

lasr update 10/10/2022

1. The Wakeed program is owned by Wakeed for Financial and Administrative Solutions, and no one has the right to sell or use it to others.

2. A reservation of subscription by any agent is considered a reservation of subscription directly from the company.

3. The company’s agents are present on the site, and the company does not recognize any agent who is not on the site.

4. Wakeed monthly or annual subscription, where prices appear on the main website.

5. The subscription is personal to all wakid packages, and you cannot sell or assign your account to others.

6. The confident subscriber must provide the site with his real data during the subscription registration process, otherwise the subscription is considered void even if its value has been paid.

7. Wakeed guarantees that the software is completely virus-free and that the server on which the application is located is stable and that there are no problems with it.

8. Wakeed undertakes to provide free updates and technical support to users of the program throughout the subscription period.

9. We, Wakeed for Financial and Administrative Solutions, pledge the confidentiality of your subscription data with us, as well as the data recorded on the site, and we pledge to preserve it and not give it to any person or entity.