What distinguishes us from our counterparts in the labor market

cloud storage

Through cloud storage, you can access your data from anywhere securely and protected by high-reliability encryption.

Inventory Management

With Wicked, you can download payments to your customers on each invoice separately, with the ability to receive the value of the invoice.

mobile app

You can now work with all the features wakeed of the company's mobile phone from anywhere.

Financial Statements

The decision-maker must have quick and interactive reports that help him choose the right decision, and this is what Wakid provides through the financial statements and final accounts.

Wakeed.. An integrated accounting system to manage all your business

Start using Wakeed today to take your business to the highest levels of success


We want to be the approved program in the financial and administrative field for businessmen in the Arab world


Wakeed is a combination of technology and accounting that ensures that our clients manage their businesses accurately and quickly in an instant and flexible from anywhere and with any device


3.Keeping pace with technology
4.Flexibility in use
5.Ease of access

With Wakeed , your accounts are with you anywhere and on any device

Wakeed Agents

Our Agents

Waseem Al-Baroudi

Türkiye - Istanbul

+90 538 918 00 24

Al Amana Company for Financial and Administrative Services

Syria – Albab

+90 552 299 20 41

Agent Wanted

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

+966 ## ### ####

Easy to use interface with multiple features

No need to possess deep knowledge in accounting methods or planning systems Institutional resources to master the work of Wakeed


Success Partners

With Wakeed..+100 satisfied clients and partners for success