Everything you need in one integrated application

Integrated accounting software and daily entries for more accurate tracking of your business

Blazing speed and unparalleled performance

A software architecture designed to ensure exceptional speed of the accounting system, saving you time and effort.

Smart decisions and insights

Interactive financial statements and final accounts that allow you to analyze your data easily and make informed decisions that contribute to the growth of your business.

Peace of mind with secure storage

Enjoy secure and encrypted access to your data from anywhere, anytime, while ensuring complete protection of your sensitive information.

Technical support is always available

A team of experts is ready around the clock to provide free technical support and answer all your questions.

No complexities in invoice management

Upload each customer’s payments separately, and receive the invoice value in several different currencies,

Effective inventory management

Organize your sales and purchases easily, and track inventory movement accurately, with comprehensive reports that allow you to optimally control your operations.

Accurate event log

Accurately record all events and changes in the system, to ensure efficient tracking of your operations and optimal control of your data.

Secure backup to protect your data

We use reliable servers like Amazon to provide secure storage space for data backup, ensuring complete protection of your information from any damage or loss.

Seamless integration with your company's systems

Linking the accounting system to your company’s system via API to ensure fast and accurate data exchange, saving you time and effort.

Say goodbye to internet outages

Limited offline, with data stored locally, to ensure business continuity even when the connection is lost.

Selling points that enhance your customers' experience

An advanced POS system that facilitates sales operations and improves work efficiency, to ensure a satisfactory customer experience that contributes to the growth of your business.

Wakeed on your smartphone

Enjoy the capabilities of cloud control on your iOS and Android smartphone, and be effective in managing your business from anywhere.

Enjoy the freedom to export

Not only can you easily export your reports to Excel, but you can also import and export invoice and entries data.

Comparative Reports

The program is enhanced with monthly comparative reports of the trial balance and annual income statement, with the addition of charts to facilitate their reading and assist decision makers in making them.

User Permissions

Assign different permissions to users based on your business needs, to ensure optimal control over data and functions according to roles and responsibilities.

Free updates

Enjoy continuous access to the latest improvements and new features in the wakeed system at no additional cost.

Pricing Policy

Identify your premium customers and give them permanent and automatic discounts on their cards, while you stop forward selling to non-compliant customers.

Control your distribution system

Use wakeed to easily organize your company’s distribution system, where you can grant permissions to distributors to access and execute accounting and sales operations with ease.

Easy to use interface with multiple features

No need to possess deep knowledge in accounting methods or planning systems
.Institutional resources for mastery of work on Wakeed