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    common questions

    Does the Booked subscription require a down payment?
    Booked subscription does not require any down payment

    If my Wakeed subscription expires, how can I access my accounts?
    You can subscribe to the “Inquiry about your accounts” package at a very reduced price, equivalent to $50 annually

    Is there a free subscription to try the program?
    yes. There is a free 15-day subscription to try the program.

    If I entered my data for the free subscription and wanted to continue with my booking, do I need to re-enter the data again?
    If you like the program, the choice is yours to either continue working on Wakeed and the subscription will be transferred from free to paid, or a new subscription will be opened for you.

    What is the payment method?
    The method of transferring the amounts is done in coordination with the sales department.

    Easy to use interface with multiple features

    No need to possess deep knowledge in accounting methods or planning systems Institutional resources to master the work of Wakeed