Launch your business towards success with Wakeed

Why is Wakeed the best choice for managing your Business?

Program Structure

The software structure of the Kidd cloud accounting system is designed to give the user a high speed of performance

Financial Statements

The decision-maker must have quick and interactive reports that help him choose the right decision, and this is what Wakid provides through the financial statements and final accounts.

cloud storage

Through cloud storage, you can access your data from anywhere securely and protected by high-reliability encryption.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory in an easy and simple way by controlling your sales and purchases and viewing all reports related to it in real time.

Invoice management

With Wakeed, you can download payments to your clients on each invoice separately, with the ability to receive the invoice value from the client in several currencies for one invoice.

Technical support

A work team is ready and available for technical support 24 hours a day.

the prices

With subscriptions starting at $99 Only, you can, with Wakeed, own an advanced accounting program to manage your business

API linkage system

With Waked, it is possible to link the accounting system with your company's system, which provides you with higher speed and accuracy in data entry.

Security and backup:

There is no need to fear for your data from damage or loss with Wakeed, with the use of several high-reliability servers such as Amazon and others, while providing storage space for backup at any moment.

Accounting consulting

With Wakeed, it is possible to link the accounting system with your company's system, which provides you with higher speed and accuracy in data entry.

Interactive program

User-friendly interactive interfaces suitable for those with advanced and simple experience.

We are here to help

When you need support, we will do our best to solve your problems.

All you need in one integrated application

Integrated accounting and daily entries program for a more accurate follow-up of your business

Mobile app
You can now work with all the features wakeed of the company's mobile phone from anywhere.
Comparative Reports
The program was supported with monthly comparative reports, such as the trial balance and the annual income statement, with the addition of charts to these reports for ease of reading and facilitating the task of the decision-maker.
Export and import files
The user can export any report to Excel with the ability to export and import data entry windows (invoice or invoice)
Operation log
The event log displays the operations performed by users and shows any activity on entries or invoices that the user has modified or deleted and the options for the requested report
#Step by Step
Permissions management
Wakeed provides a rights management system that can control users' operations and view data in accordance with the permissions of each role
Implementation of the special distribution system
Wakeed allows you to set your company's distribution system so that you can give powers to distributors to enter the accounting system and make the necessary sales and payments
Discount and pricing policy in the customer's card
Select distinguished customers and give them specific continuous and automatic discounts in their cards, while stopping the deferred sale to non-compliant customers

Easy to use interface with multiple features

No need to possess deep knowledge in accounting methods or planning systems
.Institutional resources for mastery of work on Wakeed